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Let me put up some screens:



So, the only difference here is that I include a colon at the end of orientation. So, instead of "orientation", it's "orientation:".

And, because of that simple insertion, the whole formatting corrupts. I don't know why. I don't think there's any serious flaws in my code. But, it's such a large chunk, that there could be some oddness to it. But... why would a colon make a difference? It's only part of the text string as well. It's not as if it's important. Plus, I have other subheadings with colons just the same, and those don't cause this.

Any ideas? Some kind of formatting bug? When I look at it in Debug Inspector, I can't even see the missing elements. They just seem gone.

Oh, and I ran it through without debug on, and it's the same.

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Without access to the actual TwineScript / HTML code and the CSS being used to create and style the layout (or at least examples of this code) then all we can do is guess.

The word "orientation:" is longer than the word "orientation" so that suggests that the issue may be due to relevant width related properties of the HTML elements being generated.

One thing I would suggest is if you want the layout to appear like a table then use a HTML table element (or a CSS equivalent) to create that layout, after all that's why they exist.

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Well, I'll leave it alone for now. I still have stuff to add to the page, so I might as well just continue. If I don't add the colon there, the formatting is flawless. I don't really understand why it messes up. But, if I finish this, I'll offer to upload it. Be warned, it's pretty damn long, this passage. You'd like the .tw source so you can play with the code? Or just the .html so you can debug it?
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You'd like the .tw source so you can play with the code? Or just the .html so you can debug it?

Either is fine.

(the HTML file contains all the meta data of the story project so it can be used to recreate a TWS file anyway.)

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OK, I sent you a pm on another site you frequent. I didn't want to just publish an open link here.
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Well, I sorted this one out, somehow. I'm not sure what was causing it. It could have been one of the css rules not being applied. I redid things a little, and now the colon doesn't seem to matter.

So, whatever it was, I can no longer recreate it. I guess we wait for next time.