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Hi, i am using twine for the first time for a school project. I saved my file, (publish to file), and when i look in my documents, it's an html file, with a chrome icon.

When i open it in chrome, it's not a www page but a link back to the file in my documents. (/onedrive/documents/school.html)

How do i share it with my classmates? I tried to follow the steps i found here but it keeps linking back to the document on my laptop.

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One option would be to email them the published HTML file.  If you do that, you should probably put it in a ZIP file if you do that, especially if there are any other files needed.

Alternately you could put the file online somewhere.  There are a lot of places to do that.  For example, if you have a Twitter account, you could do it through Philome.la (though, I should note that they've been having server problems recently).  Personally, I use a combination of Google Drive and DriveToWeb (you have to make sure you share the file on Google Drive; you can use a URL shortening service if you want to make the site easier to get to).

Hope that helps!  :-)