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ok... lets say all base stats(str, fort, cons, dex, int, and cha) are 10 points and you have 10 skill points to distribute to them all, how wounld you keep those stats at 10 <= while keeping skp at >= (limiting form going over or under there bases)

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What you wrote was a little confusing, so let me make sure I understand correctly.

You have 6 stats that all start at 10, and you have 10 additional skill points you want to distribute to them.  You say you want to, "keep those stats at 10 <="... Which only appears to make sense if that was supposed to mean that you keep the stats at >= 10.

If the base is always going to be 10, then you could just do something like this (using my example from the other question):

<<button "Subtract">>
	<<if $str > 10>>
		<<set $skp += 1>>
		<<set $str -= 1>>
		<<replace "#stats">><<include "Stats">><</replace>>

And to keep the skill points from going below zero you'd do:

<<button "Add">>
	<<if $skp > 0>>
		<<set $skp -= 1>>
		<<set $str += 1>>
		<<replace "#stats">><<include "Stats">><</replace>>

Hope that helps!  :-)