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How do I make text change (loop) while displayed in a passage?

For example I want "this text" to be changed to "that text" while being displayed. I've seen this done in some games where a line of text constantly loops between a number of different sentences.

What is the script for this?

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I assume you mean something like this: 

<<set _text to ["hello", "welcome", "hey", "greetings"], _i to 0>>\

  <<repeat 1s>>
    <<set _i++>>
    <<replace "#cycling-text">>\
      <<= _text[_i % _text.length]>>\

Warning: I didn't test this code, so it's possible I made a mistake. 

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Lovely. This is exactly it. Thanks!

One qustion: Is it possible to speed up the transition? If so, how?

Edit - actually i found an issue with this. Every time the text changes it causes all the text underneath the code to go down one line.


This: https://i.imgur.com/Fkj9TAh.png


This: https://i.imgur.com/HZK5mvS.png
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The <<repeat 1s>> line. Change 1s to the time you want in seconds (s) or milliseconds (ms). So, half a second, i.e. twice as fast would be <<repeat 500ms>>
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Re: your edit.

Place all the code (the <<repeat>> stuff) in a <<nobr>> macro .