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I am teaching a writing class and we are working on a Twine assignment. We are in a computer lab with dell machines running windows 7, and we are all working in chrome.

Most students aren't having any trouble creating what I'm calling "basic links": links made [[like this]]

But when SOME students create links [[this way]], Twine generates a line to a red X instead of generating a new passage box.

We have developed a work around by making links [[this->way]] or by making a link [[in the basic way]] and then creating a new passage box with a matching name ("in the basic way" in this example).

Any idea why Twine basic links would be working sometimes for some students and not other times for other students? Even when we are all using the same machines and software???

Is there an easy way to fix this? Some students are pretty irritated by it.


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You and Lychee asked the same question a minute apart. This is a bug in the current release. More info: