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This might already be somewhere in another question explained differently, but could there be a scale, that you can change by clicking links, that changes, texts, and hides and shows more links?


Pretty much a scale from 0 to 11.


If you click a link with 6 on the scale:

I have no imagination for examples.

[[I agree]]

[[I don't care]]

And if you have 3 on the scale:

This text has changed!!!!

[[I agree]] (stays the same)

(The "I don't care is" hidden!)

[[This is revea!ed!!]]

And also this:

Choosing [[this link]] makes scale go UP 1.

Choosing [[this other link]] makes scale go DOWN 1.

Pls halp.

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DISCLAIMER: This only works on twine 2.

I'm might not entirely understand your question but I too am trying to make a story in which variables affect the choices that are available to the player. Here is what I would do:

Example (if you copy this in a story i think it'll work): 

Your at the gym, what do you do?
(link:"work out for 2 hours)[(set: $strength to 6)(goto: Next passage)]
(link:"talk to the boys")[(set: $strength to 3)(goto: Next passage)]

You go home but the door is locked and you don't have the keys...(if: $strength is 3)[If you had worked out, maybe you could have forced through the door.]

[[Check under the welcome mat]]
(if: $strength is 6)[[[Break the door]]]
(if: $strength is 3)[You could [[call your buddies]] and ask for help]

(link:"pull the door real hard")[You pull so hard at some point you hear the bone in your shoulder snap(set: $strength to $strength - 1).]
(link:"lift a few weights that happen to be lying around for some reason")[(set: $strength to $strenght + 1)]

If you understand what all this means then good for you otherwise tell me and ill try to explain.