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I'm asking here since I'm not sure where else to ask, but I was just trying to download Sugarcube 2.18 and Microsoft Defender is telling me it comes with a virus: Trojan:JS/Jorv.A!cl

I'm genuinely concerned about this and I'd turn MD off and just download it, but I don't want to accidentally nuke my computer.

Has the website been hacked or something? I really want to install 2.18 so I can use the recent audio features :(

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There is only one official download location for SugarCube v2—www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/.  The only version, currently, available there is v2.19.0—which was released approximately three weeks ago.  Where are attempting to download v2.18.0 from?

That said.  Just to make sure the files were not compromised, I downloaded all three flavors of v.2.19.0 which are on tap there and scanned them.  I scanned each ZIP archive, then unzipped them and scanned each of the loose files.  I used both Windows Defender (definition: 1.249.608.0; updated: approx. 9 hours ago) and www.virustotal.com.  No threats were detected.

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That exact website. I was trying to get it from the "SugarCube v2.19.0 for Twine 2.1 (local/offline) [ZIP archive] [123 KiB] – See the Twine 2 guide for installation instructions." link.

I tried it again just now and Windows Defender still deletes it. Ugh.

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Just in case, I manually compared the code within the archive you specified to what it should be and found nothing out of place.

About all I can suggest at the moment is to try updating your malware definitions.  If some branch of Microsoft's AV/M products is falsely flagging the files, the only thing I can do is submit a report asking them to look into it.

EDIT: I've gone ahead and submitted a incorrect classification report to their Malware Protection Center—or whatever they're calling it this week.  The only thing I can do now is wait.

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Thank you so much. 20 hours and actual sleep later I realised I put 2.18 instead of 2.19 in my first post, oops.

I've added an exception to the folder with Sugarcube 2.19 in it for now so I have that up and working. I just wanted to know it wasn't going to cause me problems, you know?

I have no idea why Windows Defender decided this was something to screw with me over, but there you go.

Thanks every so much for your swift and helpful replies :)
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Try downloading off of the official twine page and then just change the format.

Download here https://twinery.org/