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I would like to present a list of links of different color to the player. These are not passage links. I want to control the text color, mouseover color and underline color. I imagine it would be something like this pseudocode:

<<ThisLinkIs "green">><<link "foo">><<DoStuff>><</link>><</ThisLinkIs>>
<<ThisLinkIs "red">><<link "bar">><<DoThings>><</link>><</ThisLinkIs>>

I am aware that a CSS stylesheet exists, but I have have zero knowledge of CSS or HTML. I'm using Twine v2.2.1 and Sugarcube v2.22.0.

Can somebody please show me how to set this up?

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You can create a custom font style in CSS like this:

.test a { color : red; }

add whatever you want to change there, then use it in the text like this:

<span class="test">[[link]]</span>





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I didn't expect that to work with non-passage links because of the way it was written. But it seems to do what I want, thanks a lot! I will play with this a bit and see if it works out.
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Changing the CSS in this way should work on any kind of link written within the span:

<span class="test">This is a [[sentence]] where <<link "every">><<set $success to true>><</link>> link is red.</span>

For more options about what you can do you should easily find any examples on google. I usually find what I am looking for here.