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It seems I am missing something. What I want to happen is to check that you have a save- in this case, A- before presenting the option to load the game when you click "Load Game". When I start up the passage, however, it immediately loads the next passage. If I go back to the first passage, it displays the options normally without going back to the second passage. What am I doing wrong? Much appreciated.

(if: (savedgames:) contains "A")[Load Game(click: "Load Game")[(loadgame: "A")]](else:)[(color: gray)[Load Game]]


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Generally whenever you want to add a link to your story the (link:) macro is a better choice than the (click:) macro.

(if: (savedgames:) contains "A")[
	(link: "Load Game")[
		(loadgame: "A")
	(color: gray)[Load Game]