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When I'm editing passages in Twine, I like indenting lines of code within macros to keep track of everything. In other text editors I've used, highlighting a block of text and pressing "tab" indents the whole block by one tab. However, in Twine, doing this pushes the lines forward only 2 spaces.

The issue is when I want to indent a single line, I just create a tab character at the beginning, which pushes the line forward by a tab. But if I paste in a whole block of code and it isn't in the right place, I have to add tab characters to each line manually. So is there a way I could move blocks of text forward by a whole tab rather than just 2 spaces? I'm using Chrome as my browser if that's helpful.

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Twine uses library called CodeMirror for code editing. This library can be customized to use any kind of indentation when you plug it into your project, but current behavior is just how Twine authors set things up. Since Twine has almost no settings, this can't be changed easily. (TBH, it annoys the hell out of me too)
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Suggests of how to improve the end-user experience of the Twine 2 application or the reporting of bugs in the same application should be made in the Issues area of the application's source code repository.

Doing this makes the tracking of such suggestions / bugs easier for both the developers and the people making the suggestion (or reporting the bug), it also ensures that the developers actual notice the suggestion / bug because they may miss seeing it on the Q/A site.