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Hello, I really like using the interface on twine. However I noticed that the undo / and redo function isn't that good and I would like to address that problem.

I recently "undid" a whole paragraph of text by double tapping CTRL + Z and couldn't get it back even trying to do a redo function.

I am used to working with photoshop and use the undo/redo functions extensively in order to shape my pieces. I would like to see twine store anywhere from 10-15 entries rather than 1.

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Please use the Question Tags to state which Twine application you are commenting on, as there are two GUI based applications you can use to create a Twine Story HTML file. I will assume you meant the Twine 2.x application.

Please make all suggests/recommendations for improvements to the Twine 2.x application on the Issues page of that project's repository, remembering to first check that the same suggestion hasn't already been made.

Making suggests (or bug reports) on the Issues page insures that the developers actually notice them, as any made on this Q/A site can be overlooked or lost if the developers don't regularly check here.