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https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5161 I found a transition thing here that I would really like to implement, mostly because it's easier to understand than the other type-in things I've found and doesn't need anything downloaded, but I've run into a big problem, how do I use it?

I'm new to sugarcube and I can't find anywhere that says how to use transitions in sugarcube.

I found a font effect that needs @@.whatever-effect; blah blah@@ so I thought it might work like that, or is this a transition that you put in CSS? If so, what's that code like so I can try to stuff it in there?

Thank you in advance.

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That isn't for SugarCube, that's for Sugarcane and the other original/default Twine 1 formats.  You can try using typed.js instead; TME has an "integration module" for it on the main SugarCube page (under add-ons).  It's probably a better solution than trying to update a dusty old Sugarcane script.  It's easy to use, too, and works basically how you describe, using

Typed text.

Blah blah blah.


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oh sweet! Thank you! No wonder I was getting so many errors, lol. I need to pay more attention.