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The community of Twine users is large and growing. Here is an introduction to some of the places where they congregate online for conversation, camaraderie, and collaboration.

Name Description
Q&A Ask and answer questions to get help with using Twine
Discord live chat with other people using Twine
/r/twinegames a subreddit dedicated to discussion of Twine
Twine's Issue Tracker Tracking for known bugs/issues and feature development for Twine
Narrascope gathering for lovers of all forms of story-forward interactivity
Electronic Literature Organization Conference A regularly occurring academic conference where Twine is frequently a topic
Twine Forum Now a read-only resource, this older forum remains a worthwhile place to search.
Game Jams A game jam is a hackathon for video games. There are numerous jams regularly that include Twine games
IF Comp An annual competition for interactive fiction, including works made with Twine
Spring Thing An annual competition for longer interactive fiction works, including those made with Twine
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