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Compiling Source Code

The basic format of a twee compilation command is very simple, and doesn't differ across platforms.

twee sourcefile sourcefile2 sourcefile3... > output.html

You pass it a list of files with source code, and direct its output into an HTML page. There are a few optional switches:

Switch Description Example
-m Merges changes with an already existing HTML file. twee -m oldfile.html > newfile.html
-r When coupled with the -m switch, generates an RSS file of recently changed passages. twee -m oldfile.html -r rss.xml > newfile.html
-t Targets a different platform when creating the output file. If omitted, this targets sugarcane. Other available targets are jonah, tw (TiddlyWiki 1) and tw2 (TiddlyWiki 2.2). twee -t tw2 > tiddlywiki.html
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