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Twine 2 wishlist

This is a private page for Leon to brainstorm the features he wants in Twine 2, then frown discontentedly at them.

*Fix (replace:) inside { }
*A (goto:) that doesn't make a state object?
*(live:) diffing
*(rerun:) macro
*(mirror:) macro, or (live:)+(print:)?
*add Infinity as a number
*allow curly quotes as string delimiters?
*(click-replace:), (click-append:), (click-reveal:) etc.
*$Story's fullscreen macro
*(when: $a becomes 2)
*(when: $a changes)
*(when: $a > 2 becomes $b > 2)
*(remap: (fn: input item, output item's 1st), $map)
*(fold: (fn: input (total, item), output total + (reversed:item)))
*(cycling-link:) isn't a link, nor explicable from basic primitives. It's an input.
*(set:$a's -1th to 2) gives bad error
*Sort out how <script>'s behaviour in a passage works.
*Text alongside (goto:)
*(filter: item -> item's destination is "Ichorcave", ?Links)
* reverse the args of (count:) and make it spreadable
* position-x: parentx-15, etc.
* can't use positions with datamaps etc?
* bidirectional macro call (2,4,6,:either)?
* more t8ns
* replace colours with $colours?
* import: colours??
* colour complement macro: (complement: red + white)
* Range syntax for both numbers and gradients
* Textfile HTTP macros - import a text file as easily as an image.
* (if: $red is 2 or 3 or 4)
* (if: $red is 2 or $red is 3 or 4)
* (set: $a and $b to 2)
* (replace:?dontexist)[] doesn't error
* Change colour of (color:"red")[Wow] after rendering
* Add debug mode style denoting macro (not) connected to hook.
* Add debug (print:) button.
* (for-each:) ?
* (click-forever:) ...
* Error for composing (click:) and (replace:)
*(subset: $a, 2, 4..7, )
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