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Hey there, guys! I need to make a really simple thing, but I can't figure it out!

Okay so I have a $location variable, right? 

And my char is in a Kitchen. And he has 3 options


I want to make it so when you go Outside, the $location becomes "Outside".

I tried doing it like this in Harlowe


You are in a kitchen. Where will you go now? 

[[(set: $location to "Outside")Outside]]
[[(set: $location to "Bedroom")Bedroom]]

But it doesn't work ;(
The $location becomes which ever string is the lowest on the screen. So even if I go Outside in this example, the $location will still be "Bedroom"


Also, just to keep myself from flooding the forum - a bonus question. Can I make my code not interfere with the formatting? 

Like if I have a tonn of code before some readable text, when I play my game I need to scroll way down to reach the text. Like the code is still physically occupying space on a page even though it's invisible. 

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For your first question, try the following:

(link: "Outside")[(set: $location to "Outside")(goto: "Outside")]
(link: "Bedroom")[(set: $location to "Bedroom")(goto: "Bedroom")]

See: (link:), (set:), and (goto:).


For your second, you want the collapsing whitespace markup.


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Thanks a lot!!! It worked!
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