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I am using Harlowe 2.1.0,


Recently I have started with Twine (so maybe this is an dumb question?) but when I click a link and go to another passage in my game, I immediately see the text but the links to other passages take about 2 seconds to load.


Any help would be appreciated,

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Just normal links or (click:) macros?
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An example of the Passage content that behaves like that would help us determine the possible cause.

Do you have HTML block based elements like <div> in your passage content?

Is this happening while viewing a story HTML file created via the Publish to File option or when using the Test / Play options?

If the while using the Test / Play options, are you using the install-able release of the Twine 2 application or one of the web-browser based releases?

If it happens while viewing a story HTML file or you are using one of the web-browser based releases, then which web-browser (name and full version number) are you using.