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This feels like a dumb question...

I know the StoryTitle is vital to Sugarcube 2 in Twine 1 -- but can it be reset, as a variable would, at a certain point during the story? I tried using Javascript (within a passage, using <<script>>) to set the document.title halfway through, but it seemed to have no effect.

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This worked for me in my game:

<<switch $chapter>>
<<case 0>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Prologue">>
<<case 1>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 1">>
<<case 2>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 2">>
<<case 3>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 3">>
<<case 4>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 4">>
<<case 5>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 5">>
<<case 6>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 6">>
<<case 7>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Chapter 7">>
<<case 8>>
	<<set document.title = "Holy Land: Epilogue">>
	<<set document.title = "+ Holy Land">>

If you want to alter the StoryTitle as displayed in the sidebar, you should hide the actual title via CSS and use the StorySubtitle or StoryCaption special passage; you can always alter the CSS of one of those two special passages to look like StoryTitle.

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Works like a charm. Thanks as ever.
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What issue are you trying to solve that makes you believe that changing the story format's internal title property is the answer?
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No issue to solve.

I thought it'd be an interesting addition, especially in a horror/mystery Twine, for the title of the webpage itself to change during the course of the story.