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So I'm having some issues I'm trying to have multiple passages fade in over time, but when I use the live command to time the text. it just pops in with no fade.

is there someway to fade in the text while having the live command?
here's some example code.

(set: $transcounter to 10)

(live: 1s)[
(set: $transcounter to it - 1)['Sample text]
(if: $transcounter is < 6)[Sample Text]
(if: $transcounter is < 2)[Sample Text]


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You can use the (transition: ) macro to cause text to dissolve (fade in) on to the page.

The following example uses Hidden hook markup combined with the (show:) macro to control the appearance of multiple blocks of text. A (live:) macro combined with a counter story variable and the (stop:) macro control the timing of those appearances. A (transition:) macro is used within each block of text to apply an effect to it as it appears.

(set: $transCounter to 0)\

|sample1)[(transition: "dissolve")[First sample text.]]
|sample2)[(transition: "dissolve")[Second sample text.]]
|sample3)[(transition: "dissolve")[Third sample text.]]
	(live: 1s)[
		(set: $transCounter to it + 1)

		(if: $transCounter is 1)[
			(show: ?sample1)
		(else-if: $transCounter is 2)[
			(show: ?sample2)
		(else-if: $transCounter is 3)[
			(show: ?sample3)


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Wow thank you so much. That worked out great, and it looks great too!