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I am using a click-to-play code that plays my background audio so it works in web browser. This music works as background music and plays until it times out. Though, I would like a code that will allow me to click a "game over" hypertext that stops the music. 

My current javascript is: 

$(document).on('click', '.audio', function () {
    new Audio('https://...com/audio.mp3').play();

Inside the passage, I am using: 

[[<span class='audio'>PRESS START ▼</span>|1]]

I know there's probably an easy solution...just don't know what it is yet. Thanks for all your help!!

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You'll need to cache a reference to that Audio instance so you can do more stuff to it. For example: 

var song = new Audio(...);

$(document).on('click', '.audio tw-link', function () {

$(document).on('click', '.audio-stop tw-link', function () {
    song.currentTime = 0;

You'll notice that I changed the selectors to '.class tw-link'. So you'd move your spans out of the link markup to use this, which is safer than putting them inside the markup: 

<span class='audio'>[[link]]</span>

Also, I have heard that creating an actual <audio> element (with jQuery, probably) rather than using the Audio constructor is better, but someone more knowledgeable than me would probably know more about that. 

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other way is to find the created audio element and call actions on it

 // this will find first audio element in html and pauses it

or you can stop all the music present (credits) ..

    this.pause(); // Stop playing
    this.currentTime = 0; // Reset time