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Dear Twinelords,

So I've built this array:

/* define a new array */
<<set $decisionLinkArray = []>>

/* populate the array with the correct value */
<<set $decisionLinkArray.push("setup.orcAttackDescriptions")>>

I test it's working with:


Which prints:  setup.orcAttackDescriptions

So far, so good!  Now I'd like to have my game print a random value from $decisionLinkArray[0].

I tried:

<<set $decision.linkText to Array.random($decisionLinkArray[0])>>

But when I test it with $decision.linkText, the game just prints a random character from the string setup.orcAttackDescriptions instead of printing a random value from setup.orcAttackDescriptions.  Is there a way to make it do the latter?

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Is it literally printing "setup.orcAttackDescriptions"? Because that's probably not what you want. Lose the quotes around the setup variables in the push() call and see if that helps.
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Bingo!  Thank you.  :-)