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So I'm a total beginner in Twine and code, doing a simple story for a local art festival.

The problem I'm having is that I've structured each screen as such:


Blaa blaa the story blaa blaa.






The problem I have is that the placement of choices, the part the player has to clik, varies by how much story text I have on the top. The links are jumping all over the place. I found some way to give the links a fixed placement, but then I had the problem that the multiple choices were being placed on top of each other.

Is there a simple way to give ALL links in the story a fixed position via the css stylesheet, without them being placed on top of each other? Or do I simply have to go through the entirety of the game and use good ol' Enter?

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You need to consider a number of factors when customizing your UI, like what it'll look like on smaller screens or in smaller windows. What you're asking for is possible, but we don't have quite enough to go on here.

I recommend you create a more detailed example. It seems like you want to create a sort of frame set, where one frame on the bottom handles links and the top frame handles text, but I'm not certain. If you can get us a little closer to what you want, and how you want smaller windows to be handled, we can help out much more easily.

You should not use enter for this.