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I know there is an example here: http://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/docs/html.html 

But I still do not understand. I do actually need to create this type of HTML in every passage or there are some premade functions for this? I am asking because if every passage will look like that instead of simple text like I have right now that may become a bit messy. 

I see there is also stuff like "StoryCaption", "StoryBanner" and so on that, I can use somehow and I guess solution lies somewhere there. 

I need to create the UI bar with a character description, date, health, mp and so on and change it all the time. This UI bar looks pretty convenient for my job and I believe there are comfortable ways to work with it. 

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If you make a new passage and name it StoryCaption, and put text / code / variables in there, it'll be added to the UI bar and updated on each new passage (by default, at least). You can also add code to StoryMenu, but only links in that passage will actually get displayed. All the different special passages have different qualities, locations, and default styling.

That link you posted is not an example of how to use the UI bar, it's the default html structure to aid with creating custom styles and such.
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Oh.. I thought about that once. And it actually works that way. Nice :D