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So, I'm trying to work with an rpg system that instead of using numeric attributes, uses words. Like Fudge or Storyteller, except that this is trickier to work with when it comes to leveling up. So basically I wanted a way to write "your strength is $att.strength", where $att.strength is a number,  but display "your strength is poor". I've been trying to create a macro for that, but I have very little experience with javascript and couldn't find a tutorial. So I've tried my hand using the sugarcube api macro reference, and this is what i've come up with:

Macro.add('stats', {
	handler : function () {
		try {
			var attribute = this.args[0]; 
			if (attribute == 1) { 
				return this.output("poor");
		} catch (err) {
			return this.error;

Except this doesn't write anything if I use <<stats '1'>>. I'm not sure what to try next.

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There's some stuff definitely wrong with the macro, and we can talk about that, but first, all you really need is a data structure. Using a macro here is a bit of overkill, in my opinion. Try something like: 

<<set $strength to {
    value : 0,
    print : [

<<set $strength.value to 1>>

<<set $stats to {}>>
<<set $stats.strength to $strength.print[$strength.value.clamp(0, 3)]>>

<<print $stats.strength>>


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I hadn't even thought about this, ahahaha. I had tried a widget, but couldn't make it work. Thank you so much for your help <3
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Wouldn't it have to be

<<set $stats.strength to $strength.print[$strength.value.clamp(0, 3)]>>

in this case?

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You're right. Thanks for the catch. I'll edit the answer.