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Just started using the online web browser option (Internet Explorer) Harlowe 2.1.0 version. When I click play a new tab loads but there is nothing?

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I tested a Harlowe v2.1.0 project with the Play option in Internet Explorer 11 and it worked correctly.

Which version of Internet Explorer are you using?
Which version of Windows are you running it one?
If you open the Console (1) of the web-browser's built-in Web Developer Tools are there any errors listed there?

(1) You should be able to open the Developer Tools by pressing the F12 function key, and once that panel is open the Console tab should be accessible by either:
a. Pressing the 2 key while holding down the CTRL key.
b. Clicking on the Console item in the menu that appears across the top of the Developer panel.
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Thanks very much I was using Windows 10 and not Internet explore but Edge as they call it now.  I have used Google Chrome despite other comments saying it may have problems it seem to be working fine.

Thanks again
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Edge isn't a new name for Internet Explorer, it is a totally new web-browser built by Microsoft.
(Windows 10 actually comes with both Edge and Internet Explorer installed.)

Unfortunately Test and Play options of the web-browser based release of the Twine 2.x application don't work correctly when used within Edge, nor can that web-browser run story HTML files created via the Publish to File option.

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Had the same issue, but across IE, Chrome & Firefox.

Happens about once every 3 months.
Do not clear your cookies like me.

Personally I just run a local copy of the html then the only "Play" button works again.