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I would like to be able to reference a specific property of an object variable based on the value of another variable.

Here is a simple example of this. I was hoping that the latter <<print>> would match the former, but it doesn't, presumably because the variable is read as "$c" rather than the value of $c:

<<set $a to { b : 1 },  $c = "b">>

<<print $a.b>>
<<print $a.$c>>

 I was intending to use this to implement a wardrobe system where a widget is used to change clothes.

<<widget "wardrobe">>
    <<if $wardrobe.$args[0].state == 0>>
    <<elseif $wardrobe.$args[0].state == 1>>
        <<if $character.clothes == $args[0]>>
You are wearing the $wardrobe.$args[0].name.
[[$wardrobe.$args[0].name|Wardrobe][$character.clothes to $args[0]]]>>

With <<widget "dress1">>, for example, finding properties of 'wardrobe.dress1'.

I can do a lengthy workaround with multiple arrays containing the names, ID's and states of the clothes separately, but that seems less elegant. Is there a way of doing it in this way? 

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<<widget "wardrobe">>\
    <<if $wardrobe[$args[0]].state == 0>>\
    <<elseif $wardrobe[$args[0]].state == 1>>\
        <<if $character.clothes == $args>>\
You are wearing the <<print $wardrobe[$args[0]].name>> .
<<link $wardrobe[$args[0]].name "Wardrobe">><<set $character.clothes to $args[0]>><</link>>

I seem to have managed to get it to work using bracket notation. But if this seems wrong or if there are any glaring mistakes, please feel free to correct them.