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Generally I be lying if wasn't adult RPG but if was censored type, what is expect for something like do I have make general layout that Harlowe made or Do I have to make new type of layout benefits the twine game I am making. Do I work on adult game in text yes sometimes...just not on twine because this big issue...trying make rpg part work somehow I get errors don't know why.

I do want stores, rest, inventory, and battles but going about it how do I do it?

I had thinking of death counter, it would keep track of how many times you died, and unlock item in special reward room or somesuch? Achievement given to person they died or didn't die? You get where I going with this how does one make that.

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You can make a death screen with a death counter.

(Set: $death to 0)

death screen

(Set: $death to $death + 1)

and end of game...

(If: $death is > 0 (whatever you want to do))

(If: $death is 0 (whatever you want to do))

This makes it so that everytime you go to the death screen, 1 is added to your death count.

You've died $death times!

And about other rpg things, you can use the premade code on the help site and edit it to your own needs, or try to code it all yourself.

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but wonder if that help if you were going make achievements or unlock other events? Would it help if I was using or trying make game with any of formats like sugar cube or Harlowe what does that really give me.