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Hi! I'm new to Twine and this might be an obvious one, but I've had some trouble finding an answer. I'm using Harlowe 2.1.0 in Twine 2.2.1.

I have two slight problems and I suspect they might share a solution.

First, I'm trying to apply the "rumble" style to a passage link. When I do, Twine creates an extra passage with a [ in front of its name; it has the arrow linking to it, but when you actually click the rumbling link, Twine takes you to the correct passage, not the extra one. This might not be an issue in practice, because the reader won't notice, but it seems like weird behavior and I want to make sure it won't break anything later, especially if there's a better way to do what I'm trying to do. I'm guessing the problem is the triple brackets?

The other similar instance I've run into is when I tried to use click-replace on a link and the same thing happened.

"I think so."

(click-replace: "I think so.")[[[.........]]]
(text-style: "rumble")[[[Start the main engine]]]

I appreciate any help you can offer!

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i think this is a glitch in harlowe. this will always happen if you have three square brackets. put a space between the single pairs for the (text-style:) macro and the double pairs for the link.

(text-style: 'rumble')[ [[Link]] ]


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The 'glitch' is part of the Twine 2 application itself and is a comination of two things:

1. The Markup Link recognition code doesn't handle a sequence of three consecitive open square backets "[[[" well, it assumes that the third open square bracket is part of the Target Passage Name when that target is also the LInk Text.

eg. the [[Link Text and Target Passage Name are the same]] format of a Markup based link.

2. The Create Missing Passages code can create an invalidly named Passage.

eg. It can name a new passage [Some Passage Name, which is not valid.

These are known issues, which you can get arround by placeing a space character between the 1st and 2nd open square bracket.

(macro-name:)[ [[Markup based Link]]]


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That worked. Thanks for your help!