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Overnight, it seems that the file format for Twine2 downloads has changed to .zip. Previously, it was HTML

The problem is, our school network will not let users download .zip files for security reasons. This has broken our games and made it impossible for students to finish projects and submit them.


Is there any way to put it back the way it was?

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I'm wondering about this too. I'm using the desktop client and it adds an extra step and more cleanup to some of the browser-based testing I usually do. Kind of a pain, really.
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This is a known issue (Issue #430) with the new Twine v2.2.0 application, caused by the application incorrectly creating a ZIP file instead of a HTML file. (The ZIP file contains the HTML file)

This issue has been researched and fixed in the project's repository but unfortunately you will need to wait until a new version of the application is created and uploaded. I am sure a notification on the @twinethreads Twitter feed will be issued once it is ready for download.

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The release of Twine 2.2.1 has fixed this issue. It does not matter now.