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Hello everyone!

I have a stupid question and i want to apologize for it. I know that this should be basic knowledge but i just forogt it and the help site from sugar cube doesn't help. How can i set autosave points so the player don't have to save?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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Please use the Question Tags when stating which Twine application and which story format you are using, it makes it easier to search on. Placing that informaion in the Question Title just make it longer than it needs to be.

The Config.saves.autosave setting allows you to use a Passage Tag to control when an auto-save is done.

The examples included in the documentation show how to configure your story so that an auto-save is created every time the current Passage is assigned a thunderbirds passage tag.

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Thanks for the answer! My problem is, that i don't get where i have to put that:

Config.saves.autosave = true;

In the style sheet?

Sorry for the misbehaviour. I will remember it with the next post.


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The answer is at the top of the Config API section in the documentation you were linked.  Config object settings should be placed within a script section, which for Twine 2 is the Story JavaScript.