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I have a textfile containing a short story (by Balzac) in two columns, French and English.

I have an mp3 of a French speaker performing the story.

Can Twine build a way to:

  • see the text in digestible bits
  • navigate forward and back at will
  • hear the audio that goes with the text bit being viewed
  • mute and enable the audio

 I do not care to make hundreds of small mp3 files for the individual frames. I imagine I need some sort of timecode solution. But how? I am in way over my head. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I think there's a typewriting code somewhere. You can adjust the speed of the speed and add miliseconds pauses using something like this = ^1000 (that's a second long pause). It wouldn't be perfect, but the more time you spend tnkering it, the better it would look. I suggest you put the mp3 in a folder with the html file so you don't have to worry about the delay. And about the typewriting effect, I'm pretty sure it won't be hard for you to find. Good luck.
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Thanks. By typewriter effect I take it you mean showing the letters as they are "typed"? I don't actually need that much granularity. I just want to read the story with French on one side and English on the other. And when I enter that frame I'd like to play the section of the mp3 that corresponds with that text in the story. I'd probably go paragraph by paragraph mostly. I'd also like to be able to stop the audio in case I want to practice my pronunciation out loud. And of course, hear it again.

So basically I "page" through the story and every page plays bit of th3 the narration file that goes with that page.