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This is probably a really simple issue, but for some reason when I try to link back to a previously existing page (like if a player walks into one room but then returns to the first) but instead of going back to the previous area, Twine creates a new link with the exact same name as the room I want the link to go to.  How do I fix this?

I'm on Harlowe 2.1.0, if it matters.

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In future.  You should always mention both the compiler and story format, and their versions—because, yes, it's important.  Generally, you do that via tags—though it doesn't hurt to also mention them in the body of your question.

You should also show us the code causing issues—use a code block—as descriptions only do so much.

For now I'm going to assume you're using Twine 2.  Without seeing the code you're using it's difficult to say for certain what's going on, but I'm betting you're running afoul of some of Twine 2's link features.

Two things to keep in mind when creating links:

  1. Passage names are, generally, case sensitive.
  2. Watch out for whitespace.  In particular, never use leading or trailing whitespace around the passage name in a link.

As an example of the latter:

// BAD
[[Go boldly-> Out There]]  → Twine 2 thinks you meant " Out There"

[[Go boldly->Out There]]   → Twine 2 thinks you meant "Out There"