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So, I'm trying to let someone forage for something if their survival level is high enough. Only problem is, I'm guessing it's not registering the variable used as a number, or something.

Here's what I'm trying to make work:

<<if $hasSurvivalbook is true or $skills[3]['lvl'] is gt 2>>They appear to be edible //and// safe. You could <<link "take some">><<set $fruit[0]['amt'] to itself +1>><</link>>. <<else>>You don't know much about the plants here, so you decide to avoid them.<</if>>

I isolated the part I though was wrong, and it gives the same error: (same error occurs if you use > or gt)

<<if $skills[3]['lvl'] is gt 2>><</if>>

This is the error I get:

⚠ <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: Unexpected token >

This is the array it works off of: 

<<set $skills to [
	{skill:"Attacking", lvl:0},
	{skill:"Defending", lvl:0},
	{skill:"Casting", lvl:0},
	{skill:"Survival", lvl:0}

The array is loaded way before the part where the block of code comes in, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Please help!

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You're combining operators.  You, generally, cannot not do that.  For example, is gt should simply be gt.  See the <<if>> macro documentation for examples.

Also.  While not incorrect, you generally do not test a boolean values against the booleans literals.  For example, $var is true should simply be $var, $var is false should simply be not $var.

In detail:

/* BAD */
<<if $hasSurvivalbook is true or $skills[3]['lvl'] is gt 2>>…

/* GOOD */
<<if $hasSurvivalbook or $skills[3]['lvl'] gt 2>>…

/* BAD */
<<if $skills[3]['lvl'] is gt 2>>…

/* GOOD */
<<if $skills[3]['lvl'] gt 2>>…


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Thanks! did not know about not needing to check booleans!