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I want to make it to send the player to a random passage. Either "battle", "battle2" or "battle3" after 0.00001 seconds. I've tried to set the passage to either of them, but that doesn't work. I'm kinda new to twine. This is what I have.

<<timed 0.00001s>><<goto "battle">><</timed>>

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You don't need the <<timed>> macro.  Just do this:

<<goto `either("battle", "battle2", "battle3")`>>

The backticks (the ` on the ~ key) cause the content within them to be evaluated (see "Passing an expression as an argument").  The either() function randomly returns one of the values inside it.  So, when we put those together inside of the <<goto>> macro, it makes it randomly go to one of those three passages.

Have fun!  :-)

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Thank you so much, this was really helpful! :)