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Hullo, Twine newbie using Harlowe 3x again. I'm using the typewriter effect to write most of the text in my game, but it's pretty picky where I put the passage brackets [[]]. The last line ("Turn it off.") is where I'm trying to place a link to another passage. Is this possible?

 <font face="PressStart">(set: $typewriterText to "It's July. A wednesday, you think. The days have just been breezing by. August is coming up soon.
As you rub your eyes, you notice that your old CRT television at the other end of the room. It's been left on.

Turn it off.")

(set: $typewriterPos to 1)

(live: 20ms)

(append: ?typewriterOutput) [(print: $typewriterText's $typewriterPos)]

(set: $typewriterPos to it + 1)
(if: $typewriterPos is $typewriterText's length + 1)




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Hmm, every time I've tried to use a typing animation, it never works with links. I dunno if there's a mod for the typed.js module that will allow it to work with links or not yet. You could always time the typing animation and then set it to go to the next passage after the player has a chance to read it all, but that wouldn't allow for choices to be made.