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I use Sugarcube, and I have published MANY Twine stories, but for some reason, I can no longer 'test' my game.  I have to save it, then actually open it in a browser and go through the entire story.  It brings up a window saying File not found.  I will attach a photo.  This is making my newest project very difficult to try out as I go along.


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Do you get the same error if you use the Play option instead?
Are you able to use the Test option on other Story Projects?

Was this Story Project created with this version of Twine 2 or with a previous version?

Which series of SugarCube (1.x or 2.x) are you using?
Have you manually updated the version of the SugarCube story format you have installed?
If so did you did you create this Story Project before or after doing that update?

Does your Story Project reference any external files? If so is any of that referencing done within the Story Javascript area?
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Play option gives me the same error.
I tried testing it in Slugs and Bugs and The Anax, and it gives me the same error (also with play button)


This story was created with the version of Twine 2 back in the summer and then I updated it recently.

The series of SugarCube, I think was 2.X, but I wanted to double check, however, when I did, I get this:


I have not updated my SugarCube since probably last May or so.
I created this project with everything the same as it had been on The Anax: Call of the Cursed One.  The only thing that has changed was I did an update to twine 2 itself.



EDIT: Once I closed all those errors only one was left and was selected: 

SugarCube 2.21.0

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The issue could be that the Story Projects are internally referencing a version of the story format that is no longer installed. To fix this issue try opening the story project and changing the story format to one of the others (that you don't want) then change it back to the story format you want to use.

a. You may need to close the "Story Format" dialog or even the Story Project itself between the selecting of the Other story format and the selecting of the Wanted story format.

b. The Twine 2 application contains code that is mean to automatically update all story projects to the latest installed version of each series/brand of story format, but it may not of worked in your case for some unknown reason.

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That worked!  As always, thank you, Greyelf!
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I'm glad.

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