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So I am new to Twine 1.4.2. I've been watching a tutorial. but when I came to a part regarding CSS and whatnot, the video glossed over an option called "Edit Story Stylesheet"... I have the downloaded Windows version of Twine and I do not see an option for Edit Story Stylesheet anywhere.

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When using the Twine 1.x application there are a number of different ways you can create a Stylesheet related Passage.

1. You can use the Story > New > Stylesheet menu items at the top of the applications frame.

2. [on Windows] You can use the Right Mouse Button to open a context menu while your mouse cursor is over a blank area of the Passage Map. This menu will contain a New Stylesheet Here option.

3. You can add a standard Passage to the story then add the stylesheet tag to that new Passage.

Unfortunately as @Chapel has explained there are two applications named Twine and you will find that the more recent made videos will likely be targeting the Twine 2.x application.

NOTE: The Twine 2.x application is not a later version of the Twine 1.x application, they are just two different IDE's that create Twine based Story HTML files. While the Twine 1.x application is no longer being developed there are still a number of Authors that use it instead of migrating to the Twine 2.x application.

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Thanks a lot. I am still very new to Twine (for the most part). I didn't even know the difference between Twine and Twine2. I assumed it was because of my operating system (which is windows). Do you think I should download for Twine 2 instead? (sheesh, i almost feel like I need a whole class on this program)

As a side note, my skill in twine is still basic. i havent yet learned variables, etc.
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When you have opened your story, its name should appear in the lower left right next to the "home"-symbol. Clicking it will open a drop-menu. Edit Story Stylesheet is the second option.


Edit: Ups - sorry. That's only in Twine 2 it seems. @Chapel and @greyelf have the correct answers.
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In Twine 1, you need to make a passage with the tag "stylesheet". It sounds like you watched a Twine 2 video. You should probably try to match the program you're using to the video you're watching, because the two versions of Twine are very different.