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To open a tab in my chrome browser I use the sript: 

(open-url: "WebsiteName")

Is it possible to open several tabs? I tried...

(open-url: "WebsiteName1")
(open-url: "WebsiteName2")

 but it keeps opening one tab only. 

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maybe add an "and" statement
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Unfortunately the (open-url:) macro is implemented in a way that forces all URL's it opens to be within the same (unnamed) window/tab. You can use the Javascript window.open() function to manually open a URL in the same way that the macro does, by simply placing code like the following within your passage.

<script>window.open("http://google.com/", "name-of-window");</script>

... you will need to replace the "name-of-window" value in the above code with a unique name for each of the windows/tabs you want to have open at the same time.

WARNING: If the end-user is running Popup Blocking software (like that built into Chrome) then it may automatically stop those other windows/tabs from opening.