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I'm a ameatur in twine and I am trying to make a stats system for a game. I thought the best way was to use a datamap, But I think it is long and probably not the simplist way to do it all. I need the stats in the header of my story and it won't be straight away, it'll be half way into the story. 

I know this is probably super simple, but how would I make a story which shows:

  1. The battery life of a watch
  2. The XP of 2 different NPC's
  3. Your knowledge / XP 
  4. How many times you've used a gadget 
that can easily be referenced with the (display:) or (print:) macro whenever needed?
Below is my code. I've looked at the rather vague referencing on the Harlowe site as well as look online and in my twine book.  I feel this is my only hope,  Please help!
(set: $timeWatch to it + (datamap: "Power", "100"))
(set: $partner to it + (datamap: "Experience", (random: 50, 65)))
(set: $newRecruit to it + (datamap: "Experience", (random: 10,16), "Engagement", (random: 20,32)))
(set: $player to it +(datamap: "Knowledge", "0"))
(set: $gadget to it +(datamap: "Usage", "0"))




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i don't understand your problem. the code looks fine. if you want the variables' values displayed just do this:


no macros. the value will just show up.

furthermore, NPCs doesn't need an apostrophe

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I use my datamaps as (dm:), less typing means more work in the same amount of time