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Hello, I built a twine story with the online version. When I tried to upload it to my website I get this message. In your opinions: Do you think it is my computer, host service or twine that is the problem?

The message I got:

The file you uploaded, psychologyemailgreetings.html, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: Html.Exploit.CVE_2018_0874-6466377-0 FOUND

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We would need to know more details about exactly what functionality you added to your story project, and how you added it before being able to state what caused that Virus warning, after a very brief google search it appear that warning may be related to a Word-press vulnerability associated with accessing external JS files.

Access to a copy of your psychologyemailgreetings.html file would help us debug the issue.

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Hello, Thanks for helping me out. I added some text box forms, a background photo, some if clauses, images, and links.

I uploaded my archive here

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I had a quick look at you project and couldn't see anything that I thought would cause the warning you got, although as I said previously I don't know a lot about that particular virus warning or what exactly causes it. The only externally referenced files were the images you are hosting at formationgrosman.com.

I do however have a couple of suggests about the story's code itself:

1. The standard (correct) way to remove the Sidebar is to use the UIBar.destroy() function found in the UIBar API section, at least it has been since SugarCube v2.17.0 which I believe was when that function was added.

2. You may want to consider using Line Continuations (and some indentation>?) to make some of you more complex Passages (like Results Revealed) a little easier to read and understand.


!!What your choices ...
!!!!Dear Ms. Claxton,
''You chose:'' $Claxton
''What it says:'' \
<<if $Claxton is "client">>
	\You're right. This ....
\<<elseif $Claxton is "supervisor">>
	\You work at a company .....
\<<elseif $Claxton is "new contact">>
	\It seems you want to ....
\<<elseif $Claxton is "colleague">>
	\She must think you ...
\<<elseif $Claxton is "friend">>
	\Your friend probably ...
	\Did you enter the ...
\!!!!Dear Beverly, ... 

... obviously I truncated some of the actual content to make the example both shorter and less revealing, but I'm sure you get the general gist of it.