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I am making a story based game where all choices in the game will be remembered.


is there a way to have the game Automatically save all progress after each passage? I also want it to be able to Autoload your previous state if you exit the game.


Also, If you reach a certain passage, how can I make it create a save file and create a link that will load that save file without it being overwritten.

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Autosave/autoload (place this in Story Javascript):

config.saves.autosave = true;
config.saves.autoload = "prompt";

Save game to a certain slot (place this at the top of the passage you want to save in):

<<script>>Save.slots.save(slot number)<</script>>

Link to load game:

<<link "Load Game">><<script>>Save.slots.load(slot number)<</script>><</link>>

(slot number) is replaced by the number of the slot you want to save in brackets minus one. To save to slot 2, for example, use this code:

<<link "Load Slot 2">><<script>>Save.slots.load(1)<</script>><</link>>


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You are a life saver! Honestly, Thanks a ton!