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In this case, the player is choosing a fantasy race, which I want to change one of their attributes.  At first, I was going to use if/else, but when I checked that, I learned it had to be Boolean, and I couldn't just use set to change the variable.  I've tried unsuccessfully to use a couple things, but I'm not getting anywhere.

Advise or suggestions?

Edit:  I hope this doesn't come off as snarky, but after reading the first answer, I thought I'd put a clarification:  I know that "if/else" statements can't be used in conjunction with "set" statements.  I'm trying to get a player to input a fantasy race which will cause a change to a numerical value.  So if they choose "elf" the value of the player's dexterity increase by 2.

Sorry, if that seems snarky.

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The expression has to yield a boolean value, and that's it. 

You can use comparison operators, like is, >, <, >=, <=, contains, etc to compare two values or variables and get a boolean. 

(if: $race is 'elf')[
    You're an elf! 
    You're not an elf. 

While it's true that (if:) only accepts boolean values, like in most programming languages, it can evaluate an expression to get to that value. 

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You didn't supply an example of how you are initialising your current player variable nor how you place to track their dexterity, and there are a number of different ways this could be done (distinct variables for each attribute; a single Data-Map containing all the attributes, etc...). I'm guessing you may be using the second option so I have used that in my solution.

1. Initialise your player related attributes within your protect's startup tagged special passage.

(set: $player to (dm:
	"Name", "Abcde",
	"Race", "Uknown",
	"Dexterity", 0

2. Add TwineScript like the following to the Passage containing the Race selection. It displays the current values of each of the player's attributes and then uses a (link:) macro to allow the Reader to select which race the player is (1).
I have also included an example of how to use a (replace:) macro combined with a named hook to refresh the currently displayed attributes information.

Name: (print: $player's "Name")
Race: [(print: $player's "Race")]<race|
Dexterity: [(print: $player's "Dexterity")]<dexterity|

Select a race for the player: {
	(link: "Elf")[
		(set: $player's "Race" to "Elf")
		(set: $player's "Dexterity" to it + 2)
		(replace: ?race)[(print: $player's "Race")]
		(replace: ?dexterity)[(print: $player's "Dexterity")]

(1) I have only implemented the "Elf" link but you should be able to use it as a guide you adding other races to the selection.