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Hello all!

I am not receiving any emails from Twine Q&A, either notifications of answered questions or the confirmation email for verifying my email address. It is troublesome to have to check in order to know if someone has answered, and to have to redo the recaptcha verification every time I post.

I contacted them using the feedback option on this site, and sent them a tweet asking about it, and have gotten no response. I also checked and tested the email address I gave them and it is the correct one. Their emails are not going in my spam folder either. Does anyone on here have any other ideas for contacting them or fixing the issue?

This is no doubt an irregular question, so I apologize.

Thank you!

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I'll take a look... this may have been caused by our recent server migration. Thanks for identifying the problem.
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I checked my spam again, and the emails from the date I posted this question have been going in the spam folder, though the emails from when I first joined had not been in spam when I checked then.

Gmail said they were in spam because they were in violation of gmail's sender guidelines.

Glad to have the problem fixed!