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Is there any way to publish a story to file from the online version of Twine 2.2.1 using Chrome on an iPad?

I'm using the offline version on my Windows 10 PC, and would like to be able to work on the story when I'm out and about. When I publish to file on the PC it saves it nicely in a Dropbox folder, and the online version on the iPad imports it just fine. However, when I publish to file or archive, nothing appears to happen, and no file browse dialogue appears so I can specify a location.

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Unless things have changed recently the iOS operating system (used by the iPad and the iPhone) is very restrictive about which file types it allows an end-user to save to the device's local storage area (not to be confused with the web-browser's local storage area), and what functionallity those file types have access to once they have been so saved.

Unfortunately a HTML & Javascript based web-application isn't one of them.