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When I try to click 'publish to file' it does not come up with a save box, just the entire game in HMTL form. I try to save this but it just saves the text. Even when I try to publish it on another site (textadventures.co.uk) it just turns up as a text file http://media.textadventures.co.uk/games/zQ03kebxtEaZiAPhJ7kKfg/Test%20Game.html

Why is this happening? How do I publish my game? Is it because I am using the online version?

Thank you for your repsonses in advance.

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I'm not quite sure what's going on, but if you snip out anything before "<!DOCTYPE html>" and anything after "</html>", and then save the rest as an .HTML file, it works just fine.

That said, I'd recommend posting that bug here.  Make sure you include mention of the fact that you're using the online version, what specific browser you're using and its version, what OS you're on, and if you have any browser plugins which might be affecting the result.

Hope that helps!  :-)

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Thanks for your reply. I was using Safari and I've just found several threads all over the place of people having issues with it. Never clocked it would be the browser. But now it is all sorted thanks to your advice.

Thanks again.
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I had that problem too, I couldn't figure out why my game wouldn't open in Safari, but I had to upload the file onto a website (I used Neocities), and then it worked. When I inspected the code in Safari when it wasn't working, it said it was because it wasn't secure, so I think it's just one of Safari's idiosyncrasies, you have to attach it to a domain name, it won't just open from your computer's files.