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I learned to use macros, I learned to inser music and to make it play whenever I want and stop whenever I want, I learned to use all (or at least most) of the basic commands that Harlowe has to offer and I learned to put background images (which were drawn by my little brother). And now my story is finished and I feel intoxicated with this awesome feeling since I've been a writer for plenty of time and this is the first time I've done something this cool. Are there any complementary tools to Twine I should learn? Should I start learning to use SugarCube?

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Sugarcube offers you a lot more possibilities later on, so if you want to learn to do as much as possible learning it might be the best. In the end it will depend entirely on what you are planning to do in your next project. I found it to be best best to have some goal in mind and then setting out to find ways how to accomplish it.


You can also look into learning some HTML/CSS which will allow you to completely style your story and interface to your liking before looking into JavaScript.