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I'm sorry if this has been asked before or if there's a guide already outh there. I don't know any coding, but after a few months I already know how to use more or less well Harlowee and Sugarcube (I can put images, use if conditionals based on set values to a certain extent, add music and use sound effects, etc, etc). So I was wondering how can i make a twine story into an actual app. For the record, I have never made an app, but I'm willing to learn. Is there any tool I can use (external or internal) to transform my story into an app (IOs would be nice, but as long as I can get it to work on android, I'm happy). Also, should I prepare the story taking into account that it will be read on a phone? (as in the resolution of the image and other details). Thanks in advance.

PS: I found a guide here: https://sammisquest.wordpress.com/writing/twine-cyoa/convert-twine-2-story-to-android-app-apk-step-by-step-tutorial/ But I'm unsure about many things, including the size of the images and other subjects.

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The article you linked to explains about PhoneGap, as do other questions on this forum which you can use "PhoneGap" to search for.

Creating a (hybrid) mobile application isn't a trivial process, especially if you plan to support different screen sizes & both portrait & landscape modes. If you plan to release a iOS based app then you will also need to apply for an Apple Developer ID and go through their submission process.