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SugarCube CSS#


Overwriting existing CSS rules is an advanced technique. It has the potential to significantly change the presentation of content.

All SugarCube stories follow the same HTML structure.

The SugarCube documentation has extensive details on the selectors available in the story format.

Overwriting SugarCube CSS#

SugarCube Passage#

.passage { /* Your CSS Here */ }

SugarCube uses the anchor element, <a>, to create hyperlinks.

.passage a {  /* Your CSS Here */ }
.passage a:hover {  /* Your CSS Here */ }
.passage a:active {  /* Your CSS Here */ }

Passage Names#

All passages are given the id attribute value as their name with the prefix of passage-.

Any with spaces between words or characters are converted into hyphens. All letters are converted into lowercase.


#passage-untitled-passage { /* Your CSS Here */ }

If a passage is included via the <<include>> macro, its name is added to the class list for the passage element. It can be used as a class selector instead.


.passage-additional-passage { /* Your CSS Here */ }