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"Looping": SugarCube (v2.18)#


In programming terminology, a "loop" is a common technique for iterating, moving through one by one, some type of data. In SugarCube, the control macro <<for>> provides this functionality. It acts like the for keyword in JavaScript and its usage works in a similar way.

In this example, the array arrayInventory is set to the series of strings "Bread", "Pan", and "Book". Using the <<for>> macro, a temporary variable is set to 0 and increased for each loop until its value is no longer less than the length (number of entries) in the array. Inside the macro, the text is shown each time with the value of the entry matching the position of the value of _i in the array substituted.



Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Looping in SugarCube

:: Start
<!-- Set the variable $arrayInventory to the array containing "Bread", "Pan", "Book" -->
<<set $arrayInventory to ["Bread", "Pan", "Book"]>>

<!-- Set the temporary variable _l to 0 and increase it until it is greater than the length of the array $arrayInventory -->
<<for _i to 0; _i lt $arrayInventory.length; _i++>>
You have $arrayInventory[_i]

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