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Snowman JavaScript#

Snowman does not come with any macros, but it does bundle the libraries of Underscore, JQuery, and Marked.

Working with Templates#

Because Snowman comes with Underscore, it supports writing JavaScript in passages using its template system.

Arbitrary Code#

The opening <% and closing %> template tags allow for writing arbitrary JavaScript in a passage.

 let example = "Hi!";


The use of the opening <%= tag for templates interpolates any values it encounters. In other words, it is an easy way to include JavaScript values in passages.

I've made mistakes, Lord struck me down

<%= "Caught in a landslide, lost underground" %>

I hear them gates, swing open wide

<%= "Come close to midnight, hell fade me down" %>


Underscore provides the function print() inside of any template code. This can be used to "print" values from inside an arbitrary code template block.

Running from the violence

  print("(Oh, oh. ");
  print("Oh, oh)");

Running from the violence

Global s#

Inside any use of templates tags also have access to the global variable s. This is a short-hand for window.story.state, and it can be used to create the effect of story variables through creating global properties in JavaScript.

Note: Any variables created in a code block or in a <script> element in Snowman are local to that scope. The only way to share values across passages is through global objects like s.

:: Untiled Passage
  s.example = "Hi!";


:: Another
<%= s.example %>